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Monday Jul 9, 2007

I have really got to stop talking in absolute statements. I.e. I will leave early today. Yes, I will stay on at my current job. Yes, I’m going to stop working so hard.

Because every time something definite comes out of my mouth the fucking universe keeps throwing me curve balls.

So I had an “interview”/meet and greet on Friday for a new job. I spent most of the weekend thinking it over as I got a good vibe from the people I’d be working with and reporting to. Then I got drunk on Saturday night, forgot all of my pros and cons and had to start all over again on Sunday.

I’m going to have to check my sun, moon and planetary alignments with my Dad (shut it) but I think there’s some change vibes going on and I think it would be wise to take advantage of them.

(See how there was no definite statements in the above paragraph? That’s right, I’m going to talk in vague faffy statements for the next few weeks to ensure I don’t get ambushed by the goddamn universe)

I went to a house party on Saturday with a guy I work with. Not only did I go by myself but I knew hardly anyone there. As you may have noticed I’m not really a social butterfly and the idea of walking into a party on my own made me want to throw up let alone staying for more than a single drink and running home.

It was fine. I spent the night with a bunch of lesbians who tried to involve me in a plot to make their girlfriends jealous. Apparently I am now an honorary lesbian, but I was totally not making out with them. When I squeaked out that I liked the penis too much they thought it was hysterical.

Bloody lesbians.

Also apparently it is normal for people to steal my a new packet of cigarettes, and a new litre bottle of vodka. Seriously people, there’s a house party and there’s just being a thieving free loader. If you go to a party and it’s BYO do not then drink an entire bottle of some else’s vodka just because it’s in the freezer.

Ignore the fact that I got it duty free for less than $20.00. It’s the principle – IT’S MY ALCOHOL AND I WANTED TO DRINK IT ALL!

Fucking thieves.

Beth appears to have broken up with Transformer for good (this is a great story). One of the girls he works with at the record store took him to get a tattoo for his birthday. Some 18 year old bint who Beth has never met.

As a mark of his gratitude he got her name tattooed on his back. As in another girl’s name forever inked onto his body.

Let’s ignore the fact that if you’re going to get someone’s name tattooed on your body ensure it’s someone who you’re sure is going to be around in the years to come (in a month he’ll no longer work with this girl, never mind the fact that he and Beth have been dating for nearly a year or that he actually HAS A DAUGHTER whose name he could’ve gotten permanently etched) and maybe consider the idea that your girlfriend may be a little bit pissed that you got another girls name tattooed on your body.

Just a little bit pissed.

Let’s hope this is for good because Wow. What a knob.


Tuesday Jul 3, 2007

This post is all over the place, sorry.

  • I have finally got my HECS debt under $10,000. It only took a few years, at this rate I should have paid it off by 2011. For real. That’s fucking depressing because all I have are two half degrees. Maybe I can put the two halves together to make a whole one? Does that technically mean I have a law degree that I will never use?
  • Should I get a bob haircut? In fact it would be more the Katie Holmes haircut, but I always hated Joey Potter and much preferred Jen. But I still want a bob.
  • I stole this from Racho Relaxo (I’d like to but her damned page is locked and there is little more annoying than people putting locked links in their fucking posts) and if you want an hysterical recap of the Lost Season 3 season episode go here
  • I was supposed to have yoga again tonight, because of a late running meeting, i.e. it ran an hour bloody overtime, this didn’t happen. After the day I had today I really would’ve liked the de-stressing.
  • A guy I work with called me fat today. This is a whole post on it’s own.
  • I was at work for 12 hours today. Even though I did one yesterday and on Thursday and Friday I’d forgotten (over a single night – attention span of a gnat people) how much they suck.
  • I have a chapped nose from blowing my nose so often over the weekend. Although it’s not a cold sore (because really, a cold sore is HERPES ON THE MOUTH) it’s still highly unattractive.
  • How is it that in 5 years at my old job I only got a single job offer (for my current job) yet I’ve had 4 solid offers for great roles and money in the last 3 months? That’s like being single for 10 years and then getting 5 bajillion marriage proposals.

I have many questions about blogs and the people who write them, including but not limited to –

– Did Adam really not know wang referred to a penis? Really? How did we stay friends for so many years if he actually did not know this? I feel like a failure as a friend.
– Is Indiana really as attractive as he presents in his writing, or is he just a big dirty perv?
– Are Mark and Nailpolishblues really like ex husband and wife? Or do they fight like that in real life? Have they even met in real life?
– How is Mark as a cute boy not completely whoring himself out from his page or in a relationship already?
– Is it just me or does Steph seem like an awesome girl who you can imagine drinking a lot of beer with?
– Is Katie really my US twin, or just my actual twin who was raised in the US of A? Is it narcissism to think someone is completely fucking cool, especially if they think and act just like you?
– Is it wrong that I just want to frame Stella because she is so horrendously awesome and beautiful? And that she is even cooler in real life? Is that even legal?
– Is it not the height of arrogance and self delusion to write a post asking people who read what they like best about you? (I’m not linking to that one)
I am in love with this man and if he lived in Australia there would be huge amounts of trouble. (For him obviously)
– Why is it that despite the appalling (yet funny) content of Jason Mulgrew’s page that he is physically exactly the type of boy that I find most attractive? (solid and bearded)
Chesty La Rue is awesome (not a question, a statement)
– Why is Mr Guinness not my personal Yoda?
– Is it not unfair that Colonel and Winter seem exactly like the girls who I would be friends with yet live on the other side of the world? (I.e. Colonel is so awesome that even though she left a comment on a post where I’d mentioned the Lost season finale, she omitted any identifying details about it because she knew Winter hadn’t seen it and didn’t want her to stumble across the ending in her comment way over on here? Is that not the nicest thing?)
– Is Miss Doxie actually the funniest girl in the entire world or does it just seem like it to me?
– Is it bad that I want to meet Thom purely so I can make out with him?
– How is it that I keep reading a journal, like daily, even though they infuriate and irritate the hell out of me? (Again, no link on this one)
– When, oh when is GBE ever going to come back?

And that was all I could remember anyway. If this is you you can totally answer.

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