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Monday Jul 30, 2007

Points to note about today….

– I got to work this morning at 6am.

(This is fucked up)

– I resigned.

(I felt sick before doing it, but then afterwards my boss sulked so I got over that. Plus he lied about the reasons why the permanent role and pay rise didn’t come through. Making me work like a pack mule I can live with. Lie to me and you’re dead to me)

I’ve given 3 weeks notice, taking a week holiday and then I start the new job working at the same company as this man.

This is awesome news. I am thoroughly sick of people suggesting that because of the job I do and the salary I get that I should suck it up. To these people I say get stuffed. Can’t buy your sanity back. And can’t buy my health. And my job title isn’t going to take THIS GODDAMN EYE TWITCH AWAY!!!!


In other news I haven’t been to the gym since I started this job, I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Saturday with Beth (awesome), I want to have a Harry Potter post-morterm chat with Rob (get on gmail chat!), my lucky skull underpants meant today was awesome (despite having 6 large coffees before 3 pm – I started having heart palpitations so I stopped) I made fun of the boy who drinks chamomile tea in my team (fucking hippy) and I’m waiting for Zach to win Big Brother so I can go to bed.

Crappy job – 0
Lucky skull underpants – 1


Saturday Jul 28, 2007

Point 1 – I do not like flying.

Point 2 – Melbourne is cold.

Point 3 – Yesterday was a long day.

The flying thing is a real pain in the arse. I’m okay with the take off and the actual flying, and even the mild turbulence. I fucking hate the landing. See, I have a new strategy that when the flight is bumpy I check the flight attendants to see if they look worried – if they’re not worried I’m not worried.

But the landing? Those attendants are all strapped in and not around. So if I’m flying alone and have no bloody flighties to reassure me I just sit there and plan my imminent demise, no really, because that lurch surely was a wing falling off, and that noise was definitely the engines cutting out.

Did I mention I’m not a happy flyer?

Melbourne was busy and cold. And I’d left my umbrella at home, because even though it is a sweet (read:lame) duck handled umbrella I knew I’d lose it at security, so the rain ruined my hair. The end.

Also, look I don’t want to sound self important here but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the the Victorian premier resigns on the one day I’m in Melbourne. As I tried to explain to Beth that it wasn’t some family decision or impending political scandal that made him leave, probably just him realising that he was in the same state of a power more awesome than him and he just gave up.

I’m just throwing that idea out there.

And both my flights were delayed yesterday, after getting the airport for a 6ish flight it was delayed for an hour. Tops. Because surely I didn’t want that extra hour of sleep. Oooohhh no. Plus I’d already cleared security so the sweet call of nicotine wasn’t available.

Then the flight home was delayed, again for an hour. This time we sat on the plane, again no sweet relief of nicotine.

Then the cab line at the airport was horrendous. I stood in line for an hour to get a cab. And then I got a cab driver with attitude.

Now, I love cabs. Any service that takes me home when I’m drunk and it’s late is fantastic in my eyes, and I always seem to get lovely drivers. But I’d left my house before 5 am that morning and it was now 10 pm and I’ve just waited for an hour for you, so maybe we can drop the snappiness?

And then I got a text message from the SleepoverBoy at 2 am. I tried to reply but was trying to say, “I rarely say this but I’m so tired that unless you’re promising me just spoon, and only spoon so I can go back to sleep maybe we could postpone the nakedness?”


In other news I get to resign on Monday, I saw the new Harry Potter movie today with Beth (things are all good there) and the home buying plan has just solidified so I get to go and meet with banks soon about the wee matter of home loan.


4 in the am

Thursday Jul 26, 2007

Very quickly, as I fly out tomorrow at some god forbidden hour that starts at 6 (which means a wake up time of…..fuck, like 4 something.)

The “meeting” today went very well. So well in fact that there will be a proper post on Monday where I may just be able to confirm that I could possibly be moving into a new professional type place of business.

All hypothetical of course.

Christ, I really have to get up at like 4. That’s a bed time, not a waking up time.



Tuesday Jul 24, 2007

Today bored me. I was busy at work, but yawn.

Although stuff like the below is happening –

– I have an *ahem* ‘meeting’ later this week about a new, uh, opportunity.
– I think I’m buying a house with my father.
– Beth and I are all good.
– I’m flying to Melbourne for work this week.

I’m still bored.

(Read: I’m over the pre part of the PMS and smack bang in the middle and I’m feeling fat and lethargic)

Although small things that are pleasing me include –

– Buying new lucky underpants – girl style y-fronts, oh hello.
– Providing grow out advice to a friend of mine who recently got a Brazilian (he’s a man. Who’s not gay. Just lame)
– Getting given 4 cases of some girly alcohol drink from my brother-in-law. Lush-a-hoy.
– Tracksuit pants.
– All of this Harry Potter talk makes my nerdy little heart happy.

*Comments have Harry Potter spoiler thingys. So don’t click if you don’t want to know*


Sunday Jul 22, 2007

I had a shit Friday night, a, by turns, awesome and crap Saturday and I had a great Sunday.

Friday was shit because I am officially a bad friend and did a really crap thing to Beth.

We were all out having drinks on Friday night after work (although on the way to the bar I did run into sleepover boy and his mother. Considering we’ve been hanging out for coming up to 3 years and I’ve never met his parents and the the last time I’d seen him I’d been naked it was weird) and after many beers/glass of red wine the subject turned to Transformer. She’s seeing him again and we started…..discussing him. I got annoyed and got up and left, without saying goodbye to her.

Nice work Luce, nice work.

Now the person who walks away from an argument to end it is an immature dickweed. Plus Beth and I don’t fight. We’ve had 3 arguments in the time we’ve been friends (10+ years) and this was the third. I apologised the next morning and while she’s still pissed she’ll be okay.

So my problem is this – While I love and support her, I’m finding it really, really fucking hard to support him. She is not happy with him, I’ve known her through 4 serious relationships and she’s admitted she hates what’s happening at the moment. I can’t stand him, he’s a 33 year old loser who wouldn’t know responsibility or maturity if it came up and kicked him in the balls. He’s done nothing to deserve her and he doesn’t make her happy.

But there’s this unspoken rule where you unconditionally support your friends.

But then if I saw a friend beating their head against a brick wall I’d be a pretty crappy friend if I didn’t try and stop them.

Damned if you do.

Saturday morning I was hung over and feeling like a dick. But it was Harry Potter day so from midday to 12:30 last night I read the whole damned thing.

Despite telling my boss I wasn’t available to work this weekend (I may have mentioned it was because of HP and he may have shook his head and walked away BUT STILL) I still got SMS’ yesterday asking questions about systems I don’t even manage.

The book was awesome and that’s all I’ll say.

And then today my Dad and grandmother came to Sydney for lunch, so today’s been a lovely day.


Overall though I really feel like I need a holiday but I only had one 3 months ago. And I’d say I need more sleep but I slept in until 9 this morning. I’d say I need a new job but I realise that the job I do and the salary I get means I’ll always have to work 50+ hour weeks. And I’d say I’d need to get laid more but it was only a few days ago.

Maybe I’ve just realised how shit this being a grown up thing is.


Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep last night, thanks to the sleepover boy calling at 1:30 a.m.

That would be a call at 1 am on a school night.

And if I didn’t get spoon out of it I would be very very mad.

I have been very very cranky the last couple of days. I realise it’s all PMS and I’m trying my very best to hold my tongue and temper. But I work with boys who think it’s funny to irritate me.

Not quite funny when you’re tired and hideously menstrual.

And is it any wonder that I’m thinking of leaving my job?

Why do boys do this? Is it innate programming that makes them constantly take the piss out of me? Or is it just because I’m terribly entertaining when I’m pissed off?

Actually don’t bother answering that.

This week is completely kicking my arse, and it’s only Wednesday. Actually I’m pretty sure I said that both on Monday and Tuesday but at least hump day is over and done with and I had Thai for dinner tonight.

Lucy 1, Work 0.

I plan to drink a lot of Friday night and then wake up terribly hung over Saturday morning, go pick up the new Harry Potter book and read the damned thing right through.

It’s going to be fucking awesome.

My eyes right now are burning and I am about 15 minutes away from crawling into bed.

Lame update, sorry.

lucy’s terrible exciting adventures

Monday Jul 16, 2007

Adventure Part I

Tonight I got home, put on the pink hoodie and comfortable pants. I made dinner (i.e. threw a lite n easy dinner in the microwave for 8.5 minutes) ate said dinner, watched some sickening documentary on the criminal investigation channel on foxtel, turned off said channel because it made me feel ill (and scared)

Hemmed some new work pants I bought (they’re high waisted (don’t judge me, I won’t actually wear them as high waisted, just as normal pants, they’re actually terribly comfortable….oh fuck off))

Received a text message from someone obviously with the wrong number –

(sample – “Ur mesage was soooo`ooo weird!!!!”, and yes that little apostrophe was in the middle of the sooooo for some reason. Tres chic maybe?)

I replied back with a polite grammar lesson and you have the wrong number, and then I thought about taking photos of the new bob but couldn’t be bothered, then I bought a ticket to the Ash concert.

(which I’ll be attending with Chesty, ps Chesty we will be drinking a lot, and then dancing, and then possibly falling over. Maybe not in that order) and then I listened to new Ash songs on myspace because I can’t afford their new album before the concert.

Then I spoke with Sarah and yelled at her for seeing DickheadTransformer over the weekend, and then we booked our Fiji holiday.

And now I feel ill still from the documentary and I need to go to bed.

The End.

sock puppets

Saturday Jul 14, 2007

I just woke up from a nap and now I’m watching a bio on Jason Priestley.

(I met Luke Perry back in the 90210 days. He’s hot. But tiny. )

As I sit here in my tracksuit pants, still slightly groggy, I think life is pretty sweet.

I have a job I hate at times, I’m having a fat day and I’m not getting any spoon this weekend.

But I got my hair cut this morning and it looks cute and I threw out 4 garbage bags full of crap, and I haven’t even started on the shit under my bed. (I collect a huge amount of crap.)

I’ve eaten so much pasta that my stomach hurts and I’m thinking of heading to bed because I’m still sleepy.

I think I’d like to work with a little more women in my next job. While the benefits of working with boys are high (they’re funny, there’s little emotion, they tend to be more laid back with general work crap, and if you pick the right team there’s not a lot of ego) I’m tired of the constant ribbing. I understand that being a girl, and also being one of the boys is a balancing act and I know that they tease me because they can and because I give it and therefore have to take it. But there’s no off switch and when I’m tired and stressed, like I am at the moment, I really wish they’d knock that shit off. Or just stop trying to get a rise out of me all the bloody times.

I’ve put a deposit for the Fiji trip. 2 weeks of nothing but alcohol and sun. Oh and a wedding. It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to roll back after all the pina coladas I plan to drink but I will be tanned.

I am far more excited than a 26 year old girl should be over all the new Harry Potter stuff. Like giddily excited. Like written off next weekend of any plans so I can read the whole damned thing in one setting so I can find out what happens. Far too excited.

I think I’ll be glad when my winter hibernation is over. When it’s cold all I want to be is at home. But because I worked from home Friday I’ve had 2 days at home now and I’m getting a wee bit stir crazy. Like ‘you need to get out of the house stat if you don’t want to be talking to sock puppets by Sunday night.’

Fingers crossed there’s no talking to sock puppets.

and by resolved

Thursday Jul 12, 2007

Update – So the ‘getting fucked over professionally’ post has been resolved.

And by resolved I mean I told this certain manager that his e-mail was demoralising and in poor form, and by resolved I mean I’ve been appointed to handle my project.

I.e. He bombed out trying to get sign off from the MD and has now appointed me in charge of implementing it.

I.e. He had a meeting with the CEO and CFO tomorrow and knew he’d need help.

I.e He couldn’t explain all of my research and reports well enough so I’m back on board.

And by resolved I mean he pulled me aside as I was leaving tonight to tell me I’m a very valued member of the team.

And by resolved I told him to stop being a suck up.

The end.

(And yes, this certain manager is one of my direct managers.)

(And these two posts will be removed in a day or two.)

(And I fucking rock.)

(Christ, I need a new job.)

(And yes, that’s a work in progress.)


Tuesday Jul 10, 2007

I dropped the c-word three times today at work.

Three times.

That’s a 300% increase on my usual c word quota.

(2 were under my breath, 1 was in the company of some very pissed off male work colleagues)

This is due to two reasons, a particularly douchebaggery email from someone higher up saying that we weren’t working hard enough because things weren’t getting done. And also over a very real possibility of being completely fucked over on a project I’ve been working on for literally months.

And by fucked over I mean someone else taking credit for my hard earned work, that was my initiative to benefit the business, that was all of my own work with so much background and research, that I’d worked so goddamn hard on.

Both of these things is professionally fucked up. But to have the first one when the guys and I work so bloody hard, like all the time. After hours, weekend work, through lunch breaks are all what we do as a standard.

But the second one really gets me. Although this (possible) thing hasn’t happened, and possibly may not, I have an awful sinking feeling that this is going to happen. And to be honest I’m devastated. I’m just really devastated that after working so fucking hard, for weeks and weeks, and doing some really great things, to have someone else claim it as their own just makes me furious and so very upsetting.

Because it’s a c*nt of a thing to do.

(Make that 4)

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