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Saturday Jun 30, 2007

Work trip in bullet points –

  • NZ is not as cold as I thought it would be. Granted we were in the city (Auckland) but not colder than Sydney.
  • I did not see any hobbits. I saw a particularly short man in the street but alas, not a hobbit.
  • A 2 hour time difference doesn’t seem a lot. But we landed 11:30 Wednesday night and were in the office at 7:30 and left work at 8 p.m. on just the first day. It was a busy trip.
  • It’s an odd feeling training staff on using the systems that I manage, even though my job title is xxxxx Specialist it feels odd to actually be a specialist on something.
  • I went through duty free last night with cartons of cigarettes, and 3 litre bottles of spirits (vodka, scotch, whiskey), the other tech who came over with me was in the next queue with a single bottle of red wine. He looked over me with my arms completely full of alcohol and cigarettes, I’m like “don’t judge me.
  • This funky cold/chest infection I’ve been rocking lately, which appeared to be going away before I left, came back with a vengeance on the flight over. I’m sick of being sick.
  • I got a job offer just before I flew out. I’m not sure at all what to do about it. While I’m technically a free agent as I haven’t signed a new contract I’ve given a verbal agreement to stay. But I would be a manager. I just don’t know.
  • I stayed in a gorgeous hotel, with a gorgeous reading spot. More hotel rooms should have more than an uncomfortable bucket chair.


On a different note I went and saw Oceans Thirteen with Chesty La Rue this afternoon. She is an awesome chick and before I knew it it was dark and I needed to go home. All of this fresh bloody night air is playing havoc with this particularly nasty chest infection.


Look how insanely cute my ponytail is, it’s so tiny I want to frame it.


Is this a normal attitude for girls? The boyfriend blow job only rule? I just find it weird. I mean you’ll let him inside you for casual sex, but you won’t let him inside you unless he’s your boyfriend? I just think there should be some consistency when it comes to outlawing acts.

Especially when the real reason appears to be that you’re withholding because you’re not sure if it will reciprocated, not because you’re a ‘good girl’.


Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

Me – So, my first international business trip, kinda cool. I am officially a grown up now.

Beth – So, you’ll be wearing your suits right? And make up and your hair will be straight? And you’ll have lots of meetings and stay in an awesome hotel and be terribly busy and important?

Me – Yep, pretty much sums it up.

Beth – But you’ll be begging for time off to go see hobbits right? And you’ll be wearing your lucky skull underpants though right?

Me – Yep. Like a “business at the front, party at the back” mullet, I will be business outside, party in my pants.

Beth – ……….

Pet Peeve #493973

Monday Jun 25, 2007

If I hear one more “independent” single girl say, “Men are just intimidated by me”?

I will vomit.

I call it delusional bullshit.

Here’s the thing – I want to date a man. I want to be with a man who I feel safe with. Not necessarily in a physical way, my Dad isn’t tall but I’ve always felt protected when I’m with him. The moment I realised I was in love with a boy I used to date was when he told me to shut up and listen, and I did. Because I was being belligerent and he was right. While I want a guy who can hold a conversation consisting of more than grunts I also want a man who has balls.

I don’t want to date a man who’s more high maintenance than me. I don’t want to date a boy who steals all of my hair product and pushes me out of the way of the mirror when we’re getting ready. I don’t want to date a man who talks about his feelings all the damned time. I don’t want to date a man who’s afraid to say no when I’m being unreasonable.

And the same goes for men.

They probably don’t want to date you (not because they’re intimidated by you) but because you’re a ball breaker and you may not be that pleasant to be around.

There was a reason why Baby, Ginger and Posh Spice were the favourite Spice Girls and Sporty and Scary weren’t. (And you know what, if I want to use a fucking Spice Girls analogy here I damn well will.*) Because they were fun, cute and sassy. Scary Spice may look like she was a minx in the sack and awesome to have as a girl friend, but you know her nickname was totally apt because she looked like she could kick your arse.

Men don’t want to date a girl who can kick their arse.

And so an independent and self sufficient girl is awesome. But the flip side to strong is being unnecessarily stubborn, and for every independent there’s I don’t need actually you, for every intelligent there’s being a pain in the arse know it all and for every self sufficient there’s a huge fucking neon sign on your head flashing I want you to play my game to prove how much you care about me.

So if I hear or read one more “independent, sassy single girl” expound the “men are intimidated by me” line I may just lose it.

(And yes this is aimed at myself as well. Bite me)

*And I have no shame about admitting buying a Posh Spice doll way back in the 90’s that may or may not be still buried in my room somewhere. None whatsoever.)


Friday Jun 22, 2007

I learned last night that going drink for drink with a bunch of male colleagues (one being circa 130 kilos, one other being 6’7) will only lead to a world of pain.

A world of pain.

I spent most of today willing myself not to retch and wishing with everything I had for a nap. I was even late for work. Let me put it on record that I’ve never gotten to work here after 8 a.m.


Walking in after 9 this morning was oddly liberating. Because I got myself an extra hour and a half of sleep. And it was delicious.

So I went out for drinks with the IT boys last night for the first time. I’ve worked here for maybe 8 months and so far I’ve managed to avoid socialising with them outside of work. I’m really protective of my social life and not mixing it with my professional life. And I’m really thankful for it because it’s like high school here, people are shagging each other left right and centre and I just think it’s insane.

I mean imagine you’re in a meeting being all professional and someone at the table has seen you naked. Or that your boss has seen you dancing on a table blitzed?

I don’t know, I just work so bloody hard at my job to jeopardise it or my reputation by having my boss know about my boy problems, or having my colleagues know who I’m shagging.

I was supposed to go to the tattooed boys birthday drinks tonight. But the previously mentioned nausea and the fact that he is being a complete prat with Beth means I’ve boycotted and instead I’m at home. In fact I’m pretty sure my bed is calling me.

fringe, cold, yoga, mistake

Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

1. The cafe in my office (not like in my actual office itself, as in I don’t have an office but the general office I work in. Fuck, you get what I’m saying right?) was playing The Smith’s today. Nothing like free coffee and some Morrissey to start the day off nicely.

2. It’s really cold today. And they’re predicting a buttload of rain (it’s an official meteorological term) and “cyclonic winds” tomorrow. Is it bad if I work from home tomorrow if it’s as bad as I think it will?

3. My work colleague’s really annoyed me today.

4. I’ve started a slow burn campaign to have a fringe, the slow burn is so maybe Beth won’t notice I’m giving myself a fringe. Tis coming along nicely, no? (Oh, and the fringe trim and photo were done at 2 am Saturday night. While drunk. So forgive the quality of both)

5. I really, really wish I’d already bought my gumboots.

6. It’s official – I’m addicted to Foxtel. Right now I’m watching a Heidi Fleiss documentary. She’s an awful looking person and it’s slightly boring but I cannot look away.

7. I’m going to finish my arts degree next year. I think it’s safe to say that my law degree will not be completed but I want this BA for me. I’ve got my career, I’m relatively qualified and well paid in my job. But I want to do something for me. So a BA is what it’s going to be.

8. If you don’t want people you work with to know about your blog do not – post from work, open your page at work or surf a lot of blogs. Every page you visit and how long you stay there is logged and odds on forwarded to your manager (if you’re working in a medium sized business and up.) So yeah, don’t view any sites at work that you can’t explain to your boss. Seriously. Consider this a public service announcement from your friendly IT kid.

9. I’m beginning to think that maybe renewing my contract was not a good idea.

10. I’m starting yoga next week. Hopefully it will calm down this intense PMS I’m suffering from at the moment.

11. Beth is still with tattooed boy but he is yet to change his Myspace relationship status back from Single to In a Relationship. Hmmm.

12. Did anyone else watch the Lost season finale and hope to Christ it was only a weird dream sequence?

13. I tried watching Borat again, and yet again I couldn’t get past the pooping in New York thing. Just cannot do it.

14. I’m going to New Zealand for work next week. Luckily with one of the IT tech’s I like. So that’s cool, I’ve never been to NZ. And while I won’t have the time to do any Lord of the Ring lame fandom stuff I will also not be doing any stupid extreme sports like other weirdos.

15. I have an intense girl crush on Lily Allen at the moment. I want to be her. (And yes, this is lame. Don’t judge me)


Friday Jun 15, 2007

At the moment I sound like a man. I’ve had a cold/flu thing that’s been hanging around all week, I’d say it’s just a cold but it’s now moved to my chest and I have this particularly delightful wheeze thing going on along with the chapped nose from blowing my nose so much.

I know, can you believe I’m still single?

It’s fun.

I have a birthday party to go to tonight and if you may have noticed in Sydney, not only is it cold, but it’s also raining. It’s only the love for Beth that I’m even contemplating leaving the house.

I bought new shoes. They’re black crocodile skin pointy toed heels and I love them so much I think I may spoon them tonight. I also, very stupidly I think, bought a very gorgeous pretty little silk top to wear.

Now the stupidity comes in because it’s winter, and a short sleeved silk top will not provide any warmth whatsoever. But because I am stubborn and it is pretty I will wear it anyway.

Actually being cold all night is probably not a great idea with a chest cold is it? Crap.

I had a sleepover last weekend with the longest lasting sleepover buddy ever (I think it’s been going on and off for 3 years – Ha! And who says I’m commitment phobic) and he heard me snore for the first time.

I’m normally a quiet sleeper, I scrunch up and don’t move. Well actually I move in for spoon all the time but he does not like it so I respect that (fucking weirdo) But due to this snot factory that I’ve become I snored all night and there is something quite horrifying to hear you kept someone awake because you were making loud chainsawing noises.

Luckily this doesn’t happen often (the snoring and the sleepovers) so I can put it down as a one off occasion.

Because really, I’m already the swearing girl I can’t be the snoring girl too.

Things are going pretty well – work’s fine, family’s fine, friends are fine. Everything is just fine. And while fine is not extremely awesome, it’s far better than it has been. So I’m good with the fine holding pattern going on.

Anyway I have to start prettying myself up, hope you have a great weekend.


Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

So I’m jumping back on the horse, or bike, or whatever the fuck the phrase is where I have to start posting like now before I stop altogether.


So hi.

How’ve you been?

Your hair looks nice.

Things have gotten better. There’s been a buttload of family time, we had lunch with my Aunt last weekend and for someone who is a new widow she’s doing well. My mother’s back in her country town on the other side of the country. Work is busy (I got to start at the delicious time of 6:30 in the am this morning. You know, it’s really bloody cold at 6 am. FYI) Friends are great. I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago and have not gone once (I really should just cancel the damn thing now while I’ve still in the cooling off period).

I heard from CountryBoy tonight. It irritated me. Look, if we haven’t spoken in a couple of months and we only knew each other for a few weeks, and we only made out once and you cancelled on plans we’d made not once but three times, and then you message me saying you’re on your way to Sydney and did I want to catch up for a drink like now then odds on I’m going to say no. It’s the same reason why I kinda left it last time, changing/cancelling plans at the last minute and making plans at the last minute leave me cold.

Look I’m awesome and all but I need a bit of fucking notice. I’m a girl. I used to be a girl guide. I like to be prepared. And then includes not putting in a 12 hour day by 6:30 and not coughing and sneezing all over the place and getting a little more than an hours notice.

Well, that. And because I’m high maintenance.

Plus, look maybe you haven’t noticed but, like a bear, I hibernate over winter. So if you want to get me to do something either plan it so it’s at my house or you know, somewhere close. Because along with the hibernation I am terribly lazy in the cold.


I’m booking in a holiday early next to Fiji. I’m going to staying here for two whole weeks. Please note my two favourite words in the English language – Pool Bar.

I’m buying gum boots this weekend because of all of this stupid weather (and yes, I understand rain is good for droughts but enough rain to flood towns and destroys major highways? Negatory.) Possibly these ones.

(Beth has banned me from buying – aviator sunglasses, gumboots and also from ever having a fringe again. This time she can jammit, I’m not having another day where I squelch around work in soggy shoes.)

I also checked my sitemeter for the first time in yonks and found I’d hot 15000 visits. I’m awesome, but you guys rock my world for continuing to come and visit despite the distinct shite I’ve been posting (or not posting) lately.

(Excuse the crappy screen shot. I have no idea how to work the damned Print Screen thingy on my laptop – the keys are all wrong!) (And yes I work in IT. Don’t judge me.)

I got offered an awesome job on Friday and I had to turn it down. Stupid awesome job offers where I’ve literally just committed to my current one.

I’ve been going to work functions where I end up taking stupid photos like these.

And that’s about all I’ve got.

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