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Wednesday Feb 28, 2007

I had to go into work last night at 11 p.m.

That’s 11 in the night, the time where I’m normally falling asleep sighing and happy.

But instead, because I choose to work in a profession that means this happens occasionally, I got to get out of my comfortable clothes and drive into work. And it was at the end of a very, very long day.

And then halfway there I get a call from our support guys saying it’s been resolved. Long story short I get to bed at 1 a.m.

That’s 1 in the morning.

A to the M.

To make matters worse Adam was at my place, it was his birthday, he lost one of his oldest friends over the weekend and the girl he was seeing broke up with him. On his birthday. She sounds charming.

Wanting nothing more than to hang out and cheer up a friend and I have to be checking the Blackberry every 5 minutes and testing the system to make sure it really is fixed.

I hate my work sometimes.

So today I am tired, I also have a breakfast seminar tomorrow morning. Normally breakfast thingys are a nightmare to get up for, yet because I start work earlier than normal it’s the same start time. Except they give me breakfast, and good coffee and I get to learn about awesome new technology.

Three of my favourite things. Sweet.

I met a boy today in the server room. It’s a first really, I don’t think I’ve ever flirted with a boy (a visiting tech, no one I work with thank god) in a room surrounded by servers and cabinets and UPS’. But when someone unashamedly states they’re a geek and they love the sight of all of our servers, I find it hot. Incredibly so.

Plus he totally has a beard.

So, I know his name, I know he’s a geek, I know he has a beard, and I know he wears nice clothes for a tech and he was totally flirting back.

It will be my goal of the week to track down his number and totally ask him out.

Oh God, I’m totally serious about this. Fingers crossed ok.

(Also could this post make me sound like a complete fucking geek anymore? No? I didn’t think so)

(Also I used the word totally 4 times in maybe 5 lines. So I’m a valleygirl and a nerd. Tops)

friends with lucy

Sunday Feb 25, 2007

I have got to stop having naps until 6 o’clock at night. Not only does it make me groggy but I always sleep like shit on Sunday nights.

So, I didn’t reach my goal to watch the entire 2nd season of Grey’s Anatomy this weekend. Turns out there’s 27 episode’s, at 40 minutes each I would’ve needed to spend pretty much an entire day, without stopping to eat, sleep or shower to fit that in. And lazy I may be but unhygienic and hungry I do not do.

I went for dinner and drinks last night with Beth, TheBoyWho and some of his friends. I also met his new girlfriend.

Now TheBoyWho is a delightful boy who has given me hope that there are genuinely nice guys out there. He’s nice, and considerate and gorgeous and funny.

Yet his girlfriend is not so nice, in fact she’s quite awful. She was petulant and unfriendly and spoke to him like crap. I’ve never before seen my friends date people who I really couldn’t see why they were. But he’s a grown man who can date awful girls if he wants.

Friday night I watched the OC finale, by myself, with a bottle of wine. Considering that a few beers is enough to get me terribly happy a bottle of wine meant Beth (who was meant to stop it being such a Bridget Jones night by being there, but was still at work at 10 p.m.) got a lot of increasingly incomprehensible text messages. Because that’s what being friends with me means.

I went and got my nails re-done yesterday, I got the same Satan manicurist guy as last time and he made me bleed, again. I’m not big on scenes, I’m terribly repressed like that. But if you cause me to bleed? Fuck you.

So when it happened again I swore and pulled my hand back and very politely asked him to finish up as quickly as possible and that I wouldn’t be coming back again. The owner came over when I was finishing up and asked if everything was okay, to which I said no, that if she was happy with clients not coming back because one of her staff gave consistently bad service then so be it. Seriously, if I fucked up in my programming time after time I’d expect my boss to pull me up. So I have gorgeous nails and I’m never going back there again.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m undate-able, but because that’s a whole ‘nother post on it’s own I’m out now. If you want something interesting to read there’s an awesome comment stream and post over at Indiana’s.

cheesecake and bueller

Thursday Feb 22, 2007

Things learnt last night at the Ferris Bueller love-a-thon –

– Mixing sushi for dinner, with Ruski’s is guaranteed to taste like arse. And make me burp. A lot.

(And yes I am still single, crazy really)

– Adam is certifiably insane.

– But I met a friend of his who is completely normal, she’ll learn soon enough I suppose.

– I am glad I was working from home today because alcohol and Lucy on a school night do not mix.

I’m having drinks with TheBoyWho this weekend who is up from Melbourne. He is one of the only boys who has successfully transitioned from crush to friend. He is also a genuinely nice guy who gives me hope that there are nice boys out there. Plus he’s totally making me cheesecake. Score.

Work has been insanely busy and this weekend involves drinks, haircut and going back to get my nails done.

Apparently this girly stuff is high maintenance, which I’m not (emotionally high maintenance I plead guilty though). So turns out I need to go back in every couple of weeks. And I swear to god if I get the same man who butchered my cuticles I will cut him. And although it may be with nail clippers I will hurt him. For real.

I also found a(nother) downside to working in an all male team. By being ‘one of the boys’ they stop censoring themselves around me and I get to hear all of the delightful conversations they have. And just in case you do not know this about your male friends, boyfriends and husbands? They are disgusting. They are crude, and inappropriate and generally foul. Obviously this varies by differing degrees so your partner/boy may be on a lesser scale but know that when there are no girls around and they’re talking trash with other males they are just like the crudest boys you see in public and are disgusted by.

Although I don’t think that working with all females is the solution I really need to work in a more balanced environment. Stat.

Tomorrow I pick up the 2nd season of Greys Anatomy and, because I like a goal, I plan to watch the whole damned thing this weekend. Combine it with the cheesecake and it could be the best weekend Ever.


Sunday Feb 18, 2007
I had a deliciously quiet weekend. This morning I went into Newtown for breakfast.

Now before I go any further let me declare how much I love living in the inner west. It is unpretentious in it’s pretention and the cafe’s, gorgeous little shops and pubs/bars are some of the best in Sydney. But good lord I get tired of how dirty and manky it is sometimes.

In the below little photo thing you can see the delightful view from the train station (I really should’ve walked rather than catching the train but it was really fucking hot today. And I am lazy. So shut it.) It’s one thing I miss about living on the sunny sunny North Shore, at least it was clean.

(Also note the cute green shoes I bought today.)

Nailpolishblues put up a list recently of what she feels missing in her life, things that she wants but doesn’t have. I was all set to do my own but discovered something very very disturbing about myself.

And that is……..that I am very happy with what I have and don’t wish for much outside it.

Dude, I know. Turns out I’m a glass is half full kinda gal.

I started with the weight thing – but I’ve been 10 kilos heavier and 10 kilos lighter and frankly unhappiness and insecurity don’t weigh a thing.

I thought about the relationship thing – but the last couple of boys I’ve been involved with have not been so great. In fact let’s call the last one an arsehole. So right now single is good for me.

Then my career – but except the hours I really adore the actual work I d0.

Family, friends? – Except for the friends being complete bloody workaholics (I cannot wait until all of these elections are over so I can get my friends back!) they’re awesome.

So yay for being an optimist!

I wonder if declaring yourself an optimist in a sarcastic tone kinda negates it though…..

(Oh and I only had 1 breakfast out this week, finally made cookies that totally rocked, got the nail polish off with a simple cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover – never said I was a brain surgeon, did not call the police on the neighbours because they’re all soft like me and finished up by 12)

what me worry?

Friday Feb 16, 2007

You know life is pretty good when the most of your worries are –

– ‘Do I watch both new episodes of 24 tonight, or stretch it over the weekend?’

– Now that the police have confiscated all of the porn from Kings Cross where am I going to buy porn from?

– I wonder if I’m actually going to make a cookie recipe, to make my obscene cookies, that’s actually going to work

(Just because an American recipe calls for a stick of butter do not arrogantly assume that their sticks of butter are the same size. Moral of this story if you put in 250 grams of butter when the recipe only calls for 140 grams you will have cookie goop – so no, the cookie experiment of last weekend did not go so well.)

– How on earth I’m going to get this blob of nail polish off me when just a whiff of acetone nail polish remover is going to melt my stupid gel nail things?

(Note cute nails and also tremendously large work bag in the back ground. Usually I have a laptop, a book, my lite n easy food, a blackberry, a mobile phone, deodorant, perfume, an umbrella, wireless card, and my purse. It’s very bloody heavy)

– Having a ‘garden apartment’ is awesome and all, except when people are having a bbq/party in said garden and being very bloody noisy. Is it rude to call the police on them just so you can watch 24 in peace and quiet?

– Whether just because a friend told you you’ve lost weight will now send you into a congratulatory food eating spree?

– Should I go for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning?

(See last note when I consider just going both days.)

– Whether seeing comedian Sean Hughes live will be the highlight of the next two months?

– How sneaking a cigarette at work when your boss is away was the best idea ever, because you also caught your big boss sneaking a cigarette so you spoke to him for the first time and everything you’re doing at work is stuff he’s wanted done for the last year. Blessed nicotine.

– How drinking on a school night with Adam was a bad idea hence why I’m posting on a Friday night.

(5 beers should not maketh a big night. But for my little liver, woah boy)

– Why it took the FB to delete a regular hello comment I left on his Myspace page to realise that he is a complete douchebag?


So yes, that’s the extent of my exciting life. I really should update this here page more often. But I don’t access it at work and I’ve been killing my liver pretty much every night this week. I didn’t get anything on Valentines day, but I don’t think I ever have. Next week is the “Annual Ferris Bueller Love In” which is really where Adam, Stella, (hopefully) John et all go and watch Ferris Bueller at the outdoor cinemas and drink a lot. Luckily I’m working from home the next day. And having fake nails means trying to pick up a dropped coin off the floor or attempting to do any patching at work usually involves me poking around with my tongue half out of my mouth in concentration before giving up and asking friends or work colleagues to do it for me. Oh and i must stop straightening my hair for work because tis getting dry and I refuse to be that girl with straw like hair. And I sent my grandma flowers (because the You’re a Rockstar Grams cookies did not turn out so well) and she loved them.

Go Team Lucy.

the beauty myth

Sunday Feb 11, 2007

Right, I’ve had enough of this so called beauty treatments that women are encouraged to have and do, I mean pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing etc. The whole idea of having beauty treatments are awesome – go lie on a treatment table while some experienced person pampers you and makes you look hot(ter).

But every single bloody time I walk into these places all excited, I’m guaranteed to be walking out in pain an hour later cursing being born with breasts.

I got my first manicure yesterday (and yes I’m aware this is a little old to be getting my nails done for the first time but fuck off). And I expected to walk out with lovely little neat nails all painted and purdy.

I walked out with lovely neat little nails with 3 bleeding cuticles.

So here’s some home bloody truth’s –

– Bikini waxing is in no way sexy, Brazilian waxes are bound to remove all bikini hair and your dignity. Half the time you’re dressed in only a paper g-string while holding back a leg so your beautician get get better access or you’re on all fours. And not the sexy kind. The kind where you hang your head and pray for it to be over. Quickly.

– When you go for a pedicure/manicure they will cut or file your cuticles back to neaten the look. Think about that – you know the skin around your nails that if stressed or bored you may take to gnawing on? Yeah, they file that down or cut it away. That’s my fucking skin you’re cutting! And it hurts. And makes you want to smack the manicurist in the head. With your bleeding hand.

– Facials, especially the deep cleansing or some kind of exfoliating jobby, are incredibly painful. Unless you’re in a soft girly girl relaxing one, odds on some barely qualified woman is going to be extracting blackheads and generally scouring the shit out of your skin until it’s raw but smooth. Most of the facials I’ve had done I’ve been more likely to be whimpering, praying for it to stop rather than lying down enjoying the blissful relaxation.

And frankly I’m pissed off. If I want to look polished and neat I have to be in pain. And I call bullshit. So that’s the last manicure I’m getting unless I’m I actually find a non sadist beautician who understands that just because I want to look hot I’m not a complete masochist.


And I’m terribly hungover today after drinking 5 lychee martini’s in Newtown. I wanted to die this morning when I woke up. So I rolled over and went back to sleep until I felt better.

After the martini incident Beth, a couple of friends and I went to a party Transformer’s (Beth’s tattooed slacker boyfriend) friends were having. This was the first time she’d met most of them. So obviously she was nervous and I’m on my best behaviour to not make dwarf throwing jokes to embarass her. The other two friends, a work friend and his gay partner, on the other hand decided not to follow this creed. The partner was so obnoxious that half of the party ended up arguing with him and we had to leave.

Highly embarassing. Who does that?

These people at the party were nice, normal cool people and yet he managed to offend half of the 20+ people there. To the point that one couple called him a complete arsehole in front of everyone. Yeah. So we left quickly and chucked them in a cab before retiring to another bar to commiserate over Beth never being able to spend time with Transformer’s friends again.

Transformer called and told us to come back, minus obnoxious couple. After a couple of more drinks for dutch courage we walked back into the house.


Before everyone started cheering and giving us hugs and telling us not to worry when we apologised for the 50 billionth time for our friends behaviour. Apparently we are quite lovely and the people all liked us. Obviously. Because we are awesome.

I also met a charming geek boy, but was warned off by him by Transformer. The tattooed little freak must be growing on me because I backed off (turns out he’s a bit of a manwhore who does not treat the girls so well).

So lesson learnt?

Do not bring our obnoxious friends out ever again, and do not drink lychee martini’s to excess, despite their delicious lovely goodness.


Wednesday Feb 7, 2007

This is my niece.

(My cousins daughter. Technically my second cousin of some sort. Semantics)

She is delightful, and my father took the photo. He takes beautiful photos and I’m very lucky that I have all of these beautiful baby photos, and pictures of my sister and I growing up. I bought him a couple of domains for Christmas because he’s getting back into it semi-professionally but we’re kinda a little lost as to what happens next as to how we get his photos and ideas…..well up there I suppose.

And yes, I am very aware I work in IT and I should know this.

But bite me.

I’m pretty sure I’ll pay for hosting and just hire a web design kid to do it. Because I may be a sell out but you can buy love!

Things are really busy at work, back to the 12 hour day thing which is all very well and pleasant.

I’m loving having The Gay to work with. It’s just lovely to have that person who I know and like personally in such a professional setting. Plus he’s dirty and says some terribly funny things. Which are good. Except when they’re written on notes and passed to me in meetings.


The bad thing lately is I’m feeling all Jane Eyre/Heathcliffe abandoned-esque in a consumption type way (all very real but terribly dramamtic. But with no moors). All of my stupid friends are busy working horrific hours (and yes, way more than me, wwaayyy more. Which I thought was illegal. But hey, I dropped out of the law degree so what do I know?) and I have no one to play with.

In a non sleepover way.

(Oh, some poor bugger found this page by searching for ‘things to do at a sleepover’. I hope to christ that it wasn’t some lovely naive 12 year old girl who got some ideas at what to do at an adults sleepover, versus you know truth or dare or whatever the hell kids do besides stay up all night and scare yourself stupid watching horror movies and discussing which boy you love)

So I want to hang out but everyone’s too busy to return calls, or even messages, let alone actually spend time with me (I warned you it was melodramatic and boring). And I don’t like it and if I was a girl who pouts I’d be Pouty McPout right about now. I mean c’mon, everytime when I’m working hard core hours they’re the people who are always telling me to go out more and have that work-life balance thing that we’re supposed to do.

So yes, my friends suck.

Plus, when you’re trying to mend friendships after a shaky beginning, middle, and well, end, before it was resuciated and brought back again, it helps to realise that like the movie Flatliners things get fucked up when they’re brought back. And it’s going to need a lot of work to make it normal again. And that means effort, and consideration and understanding. So stop talking for just a minute and realise there is a world outside of you, and other people also have lives and problems and it would be nice for it to be a two way street all the time.

And breathe.

So yes, I am PMS, my friends suck but the fact that Kass has a radio on her blog means I’m totally writing this to November Rain and that is a good thing.

Because c’mon that makes everyone happy (and if it doesn’t you’re dead to me)


Monday Feb 5, 2007

Wow, neglect this place much Lucy?

I can’t even remember why I haven’t updated.

Oh hang on yeah, worked sucked. Hard. And drained my will to live, and update. I had a site down all day last Thursday. Now my job is to manage certain networks, and when one of my network’s goes down it means it’s my job to get it up as soon as possible. An all day outage is a tech’s worst nightmare, the company loses money, staff are not doing work and your boss is breathing down your neck to fix it, fucking now.

So that was fun. Then once I got it up I had to start work at 6 a.m. the next day to make sure I was there first thing (NZ time). Starting work before the sun rises is a thoroughly depressing time. You’re by yourself, the barista doesn’t start for another hour and a half which means no bloody coffee and and you know you’ve got a 12 hour day ahead of you.

Ah, IT. I should write recruitment adds for the damn industry.

Then after work that day I went out and drank 5 beers in 2 hours. Although not lacking in curves I am short and those beers pretty much knocked me over. Of course drinking with Adam means it can only ever end badly.

But, one of the gays started working at my company, it is so awesome to have friends to work with.

And there will be the annual Ferris Bueller love at the outdoor cinema’s. With Stella! I love the whole idea, watching movies, outside, drinking alcohol, eating food and with friends. It’s like a billion of my favourite things all wrapped up in one.

Well, since I appear to have written the most boring entry evar I must leave you.

No I can actually top that boredom and raise you a yawn. I learned that having a 4 hour nap in the afternoon will mean you will have the crappest nights sleep that leads you half begging to fall asleep ALREADY.

There, my work here is done.

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