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10 things I hate about……….

Thursday Dec 21, 2006

Thing I hate (Part 1)

– Being sick and wanting to get out of the house but getting tired walking to the letter box.

– Casual bloody Friday at work. There’s a reason why I tend to go shopping Thursday nights. I have business clothes – suits, shirts, appropriately painfully pointy shoes – and I have casual clothes – jeans, thongs, t-shirts, dresses. Business casual is an awful amalgamation of corporate and casual that just doesn’t work by mixing the two. Meaning I have to add a third part to my wardrobe of preppy stuff that I never wear outside of Fridays. Hate it.

– Touching things on the train ride to work. If I have to touch a railing or a door I shudder, seriously hundreds of thousands of people use the trains, sneezing and coughing and just generally being hygienically challenged and I’m supposed to touch that? *Shudder*

– When you spend time with a boy – go out for dinner, go see movies, stay in watching DVD’s and having sleepovers and they get weird when you say you’re probably more than friends? Maybe it’s just me but I may do all of the other things with my girl friends but the getting naked part tends to differentiate it from a standard friendship. Knob.

– Friends who have careers that are automatically more important than anything else, including friends, family, relationships and other people’s jobs. Working insane hours is retarded, and deluding yourself into thinking that it’s a lifestyle just means you need to get out a little more.

– Realising I need to drag my flu-ey self to work tomorrow and it’s probably going to be a busy day.

– People in relationships who do the “You’ll find someone as soon as you stop looking(oh fuck off) or “One day soon you’ll find someone just like I did”, and expect me to keep a straight face. Why? So I can wake up next to a man as obnoxious and disgusting and arrogant as the one you have? I don’t make it a habit of giving unwanted or unasked for advice on another persons love or sex life. I don’t think it’s a big ask to expect the same in return.

– Getting work calls on my days off or after hours. It may only take 5 minutes or half an hour but it automatically puts me straight back into work mode. Plus, for fucks sake, I’m not a heart surgeon, I’m not a mother, I’m in IT for heavens sake.

– Lack of spoon! I need a spoon buddy, stat.

– There’s a guy who works in my local video store who sneers at what I rent, and looks mentally retarded. I was this close from smacking him out. Look, if I want to hire the Lake House and sob like a baby at home I’ll do it. But seriously, if you don’t even stock the Virgin Suicides you can drop the attitude tiger. Plus sod off.

– Why is there no Oprah on TV when I’m finally home to watch it!

And yes, I’m a little tired and still sick and feeling a little sorry for myself.


Tuesday Dec 19, 2006

Except for a particular heinous bout of glandular fever a couple of years ago I rarely get sick.

Since starting the new job 3 months ago I’ve had two bouts of sick stuff, culminating in the latest, a nice dose of the flu with fever, headaches, a throat I can barely swallow with and tiredness and achey muscles.

I’ve also (re)discovered I am a terrible sick person, today after the sharp pains of the headache got too much I burst into tears.

I spent from 7 p.m. last night until 6 a.m. this morning sweating it out in a fever, hoping I’d burn it off. Didn’t work.

Luckily my doctor prescribed me some wicked antiobiotics and I can’t feel a bloody thing.

I caught up with Bearded Boy tonight which was awesome.

And as soon as midday Friday rolls around I get a whole week off work which makes me weep just thinking about it.

Christmas shopping? Terrible, absolutely terrible.

Meeting new boys?

I’m pretty sure it’s just me, most other people seem to meet new, nice, normal boys with no trouble. I just don’t. And I don’t even know where to start. I think the start is where I fuck up, I can talk and converse and all that with men not a problem. It’s the initial conversation/in/chat up that I have extreme difficult with.

I don’t think it’s just me, but my friends are all bubbly flirty girls who tend to always have boyfriends and frankly it gets boring.


oh my

Sunday Dec 17, 2006

This weekend has been sweet.

Friday night was involved spoon and the night ending with an asthma attack.

I could use the lame joke of “I’m breathtaking”, but you know bad coughing and breathing stuff is kinda not fun.

(Liked how I used it anyway? I know, masterful)

Breakfast and presents with the Antilogy sisters, real and ‘adopted’ on Saturday morning resulted in me getting an old metal gum ball machine full of M&M’s. When I pointed out that I loved it but it was going to wreck havoc with my “diet” B told me to fuck off. It is friends like these (I’ve known B since we were babies) that make me feel better about the extra junk in the trunk.

Saturday afternoon I spent a couple of hours in a massive garden centre because I am a house nerd and love my plants and herbs. I now have an herb tub. You won’t know how happy this made me, I actually asked for plants for Christmas. Ficus’ and sage and mint, oh my.

I spent today taking a boy shopping, he’s the type of boy who likes to let a girl buy whatever she thinks looks good on him. I like those, like a personal Ken doll. I spent the rest of the afternoon in Leichhardt drinking coffee in the sun.

Right now Spell Bound is on SBS and I’m looking forward to this week, if only because we get a half day Friday.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a great, relaxing couple of days like that and it’s done wonders for me. I’ve barely started my Christmas shopping so I predict a week where I’m going to spend most of my lunch hours running around the city madly shopping, trying to find the Princess Leia costume for my niece (including wig – fucking cool) and trying to not buy more clothes for myself (it only seems fair – one for them, one for me)

I also went for probably one of the last Brazilian waxes I’m ever going to get. Apparently I have ‘deep follicles’, what this means to me is my beautician hates me and causes me intense pain because she is crap. Although the results=cool I’m not sure I can put myself through that again.

Evil woman.

twins? for real?

Friday Dec 15, 2006

The Noel Gallagher gig was fantastic. I love the Enmore Theatre, like the Metro it’s short people friendly. It’s why I don’t do festivals anymore, there’s only so many times you can watch an entire set seeing only the back of someones shoulders.

He was great, Beth couldn’t come so I ended up selling the ticket for double the price, my sister called me a capitalistic pig. Since the proceeds bought us drinks all night she got over her principles quite quickly.

I drank so very very much it’s not even funny. I also sang along like it hurt to talk this morning.

Having a drink with my sister after the show we got asked if we were twins, growing up we always looked very different. I have my fathers olive skin and she has alabaster pale skin from Mum. I have dark curly hair she has lighter brown straight hair, she’s taller than me and we just look different.

Plus we are very different. So do we look alike?

Catching up with the broken hearted friend on Sunday to take him clothes shopping, it’s like my own Ken doll to dress up. And breakfast and shopping tomorrow which the paternal, the sibling and an old school friend.

Have a great weekend.

the mojo

Tuesday Dec 12, 2006

Is it possible to lose your blog mojo?

Because I think I have.

Yet I still have stuff! To talk about!

And exclamation points, apparently.

Melbourne was ok, work went well. Didn’t end up catching up with TheBoyWho which blows. I’m not good at flying by myself, flying in from Melbourne to Sydney you come in over the ocean and there’s turbulence and it makes my palms sweat and I’m convinced I’m going to die and then it gets morbid and then we land and I start to breathe.

So flying makes me nervous.

The hotel was awesome though, all marble and mirrors and me taking stupid photos of myself where I look oddly pregnant (only 4 or so months so it’s ok) (and I got caught by the concierge just after this was taken, heh, hi hotel man)

Work is fine, it’s all quiet and I’m not used to not having stuff to do which is odd. But the holiday over Christmas (enforced holiday shutdown – score) is my oasis at the moment. I’ll be hanging with my Grams and the family and meeting my niece and just generally doing the family stuff.

This Thursday is the Noel Gallagher show, Saturday is breakfast with the paternal and family.

I think though if I called my father and asked him about the planetary/moon/sun alignment…..thing there’d be huge amounts of relationships ending vibes and cosmos crap. A friend of mine Adam broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years, the sister and her boyfriend are not going so well. Both were previously (or what I thought) solid long term relationships. Speaking with Adam the other day was terribly sad, I have no problem with men crying but it always throws me off balance.

I really wish this lame quarter life crisis would just fucking end. It’s boring even to me. I mean really.

Plus to make matters worse I’m having a fat day.

All I need to do to be more of a cliche is buy some goddamn shoes.

Oooh shoes.

And I’m done.

he used to buy me roses

Saturday Dec 9, 2006

I’m pretty sure Melbourne is not a fan of mine.

With a 40 degree day, thick smoke blanketing Melbourne resulting in us circling the airport before we could land, a turbulent landing, this bloody change thing taking an age I’m pretty sure Melbourne no longer wants to take my calls.

I adore this city, I really do.

I only wish I was able to shop this time but I’m only finishing work now and I fly out tomorrow morning.

I think I’m meeting TheBoyWho for drinks tonight in Lygon Street but he has a migraine (I thought that was my line) and I’m a little tired after a 5 o’clock start so we’ll see.

Otherwise it’s me, room service and Adult Movies On Demand.


a little lost

Wednesday Dec 6, 2006

Right, so TheBoyWho sent me half of Season 3 of Lost.

Hence the absolute lack of posts.

Between working and sleeping all I have left is Lost.

And seriously I am so excited about this that I may just have actually yelled with excitement when I saw the beginning of the first episode.

Oh but other stuff?

Work – Check
No sleepovers – Check
Blood tests – All good
Excited about Melbourne despite all of the work I need to do and a 7 a.m. flight down – Checkety check.
Diet – Absolute rubbish
Exercise – Ha!

Sorry about the lame arsed post, I’ll try and focus after I get through the rest.


Sunday Dec 3, 2006

I have to admit that Sunday afternoons/evenings depress me just as much as they did when I was in school.

Hence why I usually take a nap until 6 and then go to the local for beer. Because alcohol and sleep cures all that ails you.

It has been an amazingly (lazy) productive weekend. I read a new book (The Boleyn Inheritance – awesome), bought a gorgeous new girly pink quilt cover and bought new dresses.

Speaking of productive I also watched the entire 2nd season of Arrested Development.

See lazy productive.

This morning we headed into Balmain for breakfast and markets. I bought a dress too. I know it’s terribly boring to talk about the weather but I really fucking hate this freezing cold (hello 20 degree day) mixed in with 35+ days. I’m not into that. Plus because I like to be organised (coughanalcough) I plan what I’m going to wear to work the next day and all this week pre planned outfits have been complete rubbish. And being an organised (coughobsessivecompulsivecough) person if I have to plan a new outfit the day is stuffed.

See cheery attitudes over here.

I get to fly interstate next weekend to do some work at one of our sites. This trip is 1 part crap-tacular (I get to work another weekend, yay!) 1 part awesome (hello shopping capital of Australia) and 1 part outstanding (catching up with TheBoyWho). It means I’ll miss the work Christmas party, which doesn’t sadden me too much. I am not a fan of work functions, my reasoning is that I do my job and I do it well, I get on well with those i work with, I do a lot of work outside of normal hours and I network with our vendors and clients. And I don’t really get why we then are made to socialise, they own me when I’m at work, but my time outside of work is mine and is important to me.

Well, plus I don’t have shoes to wear with the dress I was going to wear.

So there’s that.

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