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friday night cab update

Friday Oct 20, 2006

Because I am officially a retarded corporate whore I’m writing this from my laptop in the back of a cab while heading to Coogee for drinks.

Today was a day I actually felt in control at work.

And by control I mean not feeling like I’m completely incompetent and making shit up and hoping that it’s right.

And by that I mean I almost enjoyed doing my job today.

Colour me stunned.

The dating thing from yesterday (or some other day) was interesting. Only one person went over a 15 year age gap ( Thom’s a whore so he doesn’t count :))

This was a result of a boy from my weekly pub trivia deciding I’m kinda cool and having a crush on me. Never mind the fact that he’s 21 and looks like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons (not that’s there’s anything wrong with chubby nerds, I mean hell without them I’d never get to make out with boys). I don’t know, I think boys at my age can (in the nicest possible way) be really goddamn annoying and to go younger just seems like asking for pain and more frustration

Or maybe like banging your head against a brick wall, and then deciding to keep going when given the option to stop.

Anyway I’m almost there and I have a beer waiting.




I’m so glad you had an alrightish day, maybe it’s a sign things will slowly get a bit easier each day until you feel totally in control and competant.

I don’t think I would stand to go out with a boy younger than me, you are right they are very very frustrating…but that does seem to be quality common of boys at almost any age.

October 20th, 2006 | 3:15 am
Mr. Guinness:

See , it does get better. Is there more to life than whizzing around in a cab with your laptop, banging the keys and being a “corporate Guru”?
Go with the flow, love life for what it gives you, and just be a “bitchin’ awesome man-killer” I know you have it in you.
(Thank God I’m forty years older and aware of the reduced future life span I have available to me! Other wise I’d probably be selling my car, heading for Australia and a sure massive coronary with a smile and the words “Lucy” on my lips 🙂
Give yourself credit girl, and enjoy the ride. I have full confidence that if I live long enough you’ll be signing of “Lucy – Vice President” and I ain’t talking “vice” like on friday night at eleven, but top level, kick ass and take names executive boss lady! You got the drive, and as the U.S, Army says in thier commercials, “be all that you can be!”

October 20th, 2006 | 7:22 pm

No boobs? And I finally linked to you and everything…

Good luck with being a workaholic – stick to it for a few months if you can, on account of you don’t want your next employer to think you gave up too soon. *sympathy*

October 21st, 2006 | 9:55 pm

Jennifer – Thank you, and I definitely agree that things are getting slightly easier. I just don’t remember another job being so bloody awful in the beginning.

Alec – Ah Alec, your comment, as always, makes me smile. I think if you were 40 years younger there’d be a lot of other women competing with me 🙂

Mark – Nope, no breasts for you. Thanks for the linkage – I actually need to add more to mine, currently it’s only about half of what I normally read. And my control freak self wouldn’t let me quit before my contract finishes, but damn if I don’t need a bloody holiday already.

October 22nd, 2006 | 4:27 am
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