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lucy – day in pictures (lame indeed)

Wednesday May 31, 2006

station a.m.



walk to work




but gym.

perky gym hair



Monday May 29, 2006

Lying in the bath last night, in the dark with a glass of wine.

Being asked, “Did I really make you cry?”

Jogging at the gym tonight, semi whimpering, most definitely feeling the burn.

Actually having a pillow fight last night in my underwear.

Walking home from the gym tonight after dark, walking down a laneway, thinking it’s not the smartest thing in the world to do.

Wrestling last night and copping a kick to my calf, leaving a massive bruise that made me yelp.

Sitting in my Dad’s kitchen chatting while he ground coffee for me.

Lying in the bath talking to a man sitting on my bathroom floor.

Realising this man in my bathroom is just as dysfunctional as I am, yet at least he knows what he wants/doesn’t want.

Sitting on front of my PC at work listening to The Smith’s, feeling content.

Unwrapping my regular brown roll, no butter, chicken, lettuce, avocado and realising I’d love a burger.

Watching a young Aah-nold Schwarznegger comparing body building to orgasms, “It’s like cuuuming all the time.”

Thinking maybe my best friend and I have outgrown each other.

Body is achey, I’m tired, my throat hurts and I’m scared it’s glandular fever again.

Having a converstion with the Brazillian and the Fijian at work, looking at them and being pleased as they realise finally I am very much a girl, and although a cool girl (modest too) I’m not one of the boys.

Need to go to bed.

sure, in theory

Wednesday May 24, 2006

Why is it, that for me to be good*, I have to focus and drop everything I actually enjoy to achieve it?

*good entails –

– Quitting smoking and staying that way.
– Joining the gym and continuing to go.
– Working hard and writing lots of policies and pipe lines. (blah blah)

All of these things which sound great on paper (Very grown up, all very adult-like) completely take over your life rather than supplementing and enhancing.

So getting fit, getting healthy and “furthering my career” is currently taking up 16 hours of each of my day.

Which leaves no bloody buggery time for –

– catching up with friends.
– drinking copious amounts with friends.
– making out with boys.
– devoting much time to thinking about confusing boys.
– having any type of life outside of the gym and work.

Being “mature” bites arse.

adore them, but

Tuesday May 23, 2006

Out of 40 people or so on my floor there are 3 girls, including myself. To make it worse I work in IT with many boys.

While I love spending time with boys, and at times prefer male company, let me say I am OVAH being surrounded by boys.

A simple necklace I wore (uh, but not Tiffany’s) today prompted a 5 minute discussion about target practice. (Charming.)

A mention of going to the gym last night became a lecture on what I should be doing and training regimes and the weights I should be lifting.

A passing remark that I’m tired and not in the greatest mood and I get the sideways look and a whispered, “is it that time of the month Lucy?”.

I do love soccer, it’s my football and what I follow. But hearing about the World Cup every hour of every day can get mighty tiring.

I love Anchorman and Zoolander, they’re up there with my favourite movies. But I don’t need to hear, “Scotch, scotch, scotch”, “I love lamp” or “I think milk was a bad idea!” a billion times a day.

A sea of blank faces when you mention anything to do with clothes, shoes, make up, perfume, homewares.

A sea of horrified faces when you answer that you don’t have a favourite car and that you’re more focused on getting from A to B (I’m such a fucking cliche sometimes).

And being teased when you flinch when the C bomb is dropped (I don’t like to say it but I don’t mind the c word)

Being told you’re one of the boys when you get their disgusting jokes.

But every now and then I would love to have a little more softness and a little more pink. That and someone to just listen a little when I get uber confused about MelbourneBoy planning a holiday to Sydney and he’ll be staying at my house and are we friends or possible make out naked friends. And without advice like “Just get ’em out Lucy, he won’t be able to say no once he sees them” or “Whatever Luce, I’m here, forget him we could make sweet, sweet love”

bad sweet

Sunday May 21, 2006

Outage at work this afternoon involving me working on a Sunday evening – Bad.

Because I worked I missed out on watching Eurovision with my friend Stella – Bad.

Because I worked tonight I decided (read = had a tantrum) and told my boss I was working from home tomorrow – Sweet.

I went shopping today and bought far too many pink homewares – Gay? But sweet.

Having a roast dinner and a glass of wine at 11:00 means I am right in the middle of a hard core carb coma – Bad.

Carb coma will help me sleep though – Sweet.

Listening to “Little Ray of Sunshine” and The Travelling Wilbury’s – Uber sweet.

I think I may be a little food poisoned – Bad.

And caught the funky flu thing one of my boys at work had – So very bad.

Getting to work tomorrow in my pajama’s in bed – So very sweet.

surely not……

Saturday May 20, 2006

Oh. Good. Lord.

Since when has it been ok to not use protection during sex?

Sex, mind you, both in and outside of a relationship. Sex with both your partner and with strangers and one night stands. Or even sex with your regular fb.

I was reading a recent post by White Dade which had these gems –

– “My point is nobody, and I mean nobody, is using condoms.”

– “Oh, sure there are those super responsible and perpetually sober few that use them religiously, but those are the same people who floss their teeth”

– “Nice girls don’t keep condoms in their bedrooms.”

And this one was my favourite –

– “I suppose the ease of abortion and the rise of anti-HIV drugs have fueled our carelessness with protection. “

Oh. Good. God.

Not protecting yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, all because “it’s not part of our culture”, is literally the most illogical, disastruous declaration of stupidity I’ve seen in a while.

(And I’m talking about the sex you have outside of a relationship. I think once you’re in a committed relationship and you’ve been tested, no condoms makes sense when you’re in a trusting monogamous (or at least an honest) relationship.)

But to sleep with a new partner who you have little, to no, idea of their sexual past with no protection from pregnancy, herpes, or even AIDS is just madness.

I mean Christ, even taking the pill you’re still at risk from any funky and possibly deadly STD out there.

But hey, we’ve got terminations and anti-HIV drugs so we’re safe.

Nice work kids.

3 things

Thursday May 18, 2006

1. You know how I posted about a gay reality TV show set in an airport last week that made me sob-ob? (it’s like a sob but twice as bad) I was watching tonight and totally saw a friend of mine on it. And even though I knew why he was at the airport I still cried. (It was part of this awesome love story between John’s (my friend) best friend Danny and Danny’s love of his life. Danny came to Australia for a year from Canada and left the love of his life back there and missed her terribly. So my friend John flew Danny’s girlfriend out to surprise him) So yeah, John, TV totally suits you and you looked hot my dear.

2. I am in the most foul mood at the moment and I cannot snap out of it. I was supposed to go out for drinks tonight but I couldn’t bear the thought of something saying something perfectly normal and unleashing the heinousness of a PMS Lucy.

3. I unashamedly love the Spice Girls, always have and always will. Even during my angry little rock phase of uh…my teens? I still had my Spice Girl pencil tin. U.N.A.S.H.A.M.E.D.L.Y. No point to this point, I just felt had to say this.

4. Why do boys smell so delicious?

5. I made out with a boy last week who’d been smoking cigars. And while he is all kinds of deliciousness to kiss it was the first time I’d made out with someone who’d been smoking as a non-smoker. It was odd, not unpleasant, just tasted smoky. I’m not sure why people make such a big deal out of. Surely coffee breath, morning breath, garlic breath, beer breath (though I kinda like beer breath) is just as odd tasting.

6. I’m aware there was only supposed to be 3 ok. Don’t be so anal.

yeah, you.

Wednesday May 17, 2006

Just quickly – to all the arseholes out there (in the US mainly) who KEEP goddamn blogging about the season final of Grey’s Anatomy – STOP IT!.

For the love of fuck I haven’t seen it and I’d like to goddamn see it without knowing all about the damned thing.

(ps – This also includes Survivor.)

And I’m not asking for much, just don’t do surprise ambush sentences where it’s all tra la la (image of Lucy skipping merrily) and then BAM!!!! someone dies and people are sad and stuff.

So quit it.

hopelessly shallow

Tuesday May 16, 2006

I am far far too excited to be wearing reading glasses, for possibly the rest of my life.

I had my eyes tested today and needed glasses. So I bought them.


I’ve always wanted to wear glasses, they’re kinda hot, they’re very cool and because I am hopelessly shallow I think they can make people look smart.

I think I’m going to a Eurovision party this weekend and this pleases me no end.

I..uh….keep winning awards at work and I don’t get it. I got one this week which oddly enough has the word hero in it. Bottom line I love my job and I work reasonably long hours. But I am a bitch, and I spend any free time at work teasing the fuck out of the other IT kids. I just find it really bizarre and uh, don’t get it. Yay and all.

I went to the gym last night and surprisingly I didn’t end up a sweating whimpering mess in the corner. In fact it was awesome. And let’s never speak of this again.

I suppose the only downside to this gym thing is (let’s just assume I keep going) is if I lose weight. That would mean the girls (aka my breasts) get smaller, I realise this is definitely not a great factor in deciding whether to get healthier or not. But uh, it’s something I’m going to monitor to ensure there’s no reduction beyond a C cup.

And welcome to Lucy’s thought process.


Sunday May 14, 2006

So……joined a gym. It pretty much goes against everything I stand for.

Luckily I don’t stand for much so I went in on Saturday, signed some papers and became a sheep who works too long hours and works out.


My 15 year old self would so kick my arse.

Although I warned them I don’t like encouragement. Or “excited” people who want to motivate me. Or, you know, people speaking to me while I torture my muscles until I’m a sweaty red faced mess.

I’m not feeling particularly positive this weekend, as you may notice.

But frankly I’m really fucking happy lately, things are great. Work is not owning me at the moment. I haven’t had a cigarette in 2 and a half weeks and I hung out with smokers all weekend. I just feel great and productive.

Plus I had a sleepover on Friday night so that’s always awesome.

Yay spoon.

Oh and I’ve decided that I hate goths.

For many reasons.

That is all.

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