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Monday Jan 23, 2006

While reading Steph’s post about feminism and what it means to her I got a little excited. I love it when people appreciate the awesomeness of our choices.

*Deep breathe*

I’m a feminist and I have no problem with that.

I hate that so many young women see feminism as a dirty word. That they feel it’s no longer applicable or relevant to us as we have so many choices and options available to us today. I admit, you can get lazy when you haven’t had to fight and work hard for every right and privilege in your life.

I could only listen and imagine what it was like when I heard my grandfather’s stories of being in World War Two. Only knowing for sure that he was never the same after what he went through and that I don’t ever want to see the men in my life have to go and fight. That he went through that so his country, children, wife and grandchildren could live in a safer world.

That we can vote for whomever we choose to regardless of gender or race as very courageous people before us fought for that basic right.

But the choices we have today and the opportunities we have came about by people just like us who were forward thinking and brave and the complacency and ignorance of those risky fights makes me angry.

Prior to the Marriage Act of 1975 a husband could rape his wife without any legal discourse.

Think about that. A man was breaking no laws and was not punished if he forced his wife into sex.

Most of our parents were married and lived with that law.

That one of the origins of the phrase “Rule of Thumb” was that a man could beat his wife with a stick/pole/whatever as long as it was no thicker than his thumb.

That until the 70’s having a termination or being on birth control was illegal, regardless of your circumstances.

That until 1962 Australian Aboriginal people were not allowed to vote and have their opinions heard.

We are so very, very lucky to now have legislation that protects us physically, financially and to a degree emotionally.

My grandmother was so very proud when I was accepted to study law, because it wasn’t an option for her. That I’m an independent, career driven, happy young woman who can literally choose what I want to do. And this from a woman who was in the Navy in World War Two and at times single-handedly raised 4 children on a single income while working full time.

So if you’re a young woman, older woman, student, young mother, house wife, career woman, a lady who lunches, a wife, a mother we should all be very thankful.

Because our mother’s and grandmother’s weren’t as lucky as us, in many aspects, and we need to ensure that the privileges we have today, to choose our directions and lives will be available to our daughters and granddaughters.

*Rant over*



Excellent rant! You can have half of my Valium if you want… I rarely share ya know but seeing as how you’re a “sista” and all 😛

We should all raise a glass to our nanna’s. You know my great grandmothers sister was one of the first female bus drivers in London. How very cool.

January 23rd, 2006 | 5:33 am

Our Mum’s are all awesome, and I truly believe the world is becoming better as women are taking their rightful places, unfortunately slowly in some industries as equals in all endeavours…what saddens me is much of the right-wing feminist rhetoric was not based on extolling the qualities of women but rather tearing down those that were masculine.

January 23rd, 2006 | 4:30 pm

Steph – We are more alike than we realise, I actually have my own valium (seriously, a doctor prescribed them for headaches and I went, “Are you sure Panadol won’t do?”, he’s all “Nah, just don’t take too many”)

Indiana – You are far too right. Reading the writings of Germaine Greer, and even Naomi Wolf to an extent, make me furious. You don’t bring someone down to raise yourself up. Celebrating and respecting equality and our differences is a far healthier way.

That and both sexes love breasts.

January 24th, 2006 | 12:52 am
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