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Thursday Jan 12, 2006

The best end to a day.

Freshly out of the shower.

Wearing nothing but Bonds singlet and underwear.

Air conditioned cool bedroom.

Freshly washed hair smelling like my new vanilla and frangipani shampoo (it’s almost edible)

Listening to Sunday Girl by Blondie.

Somehow missing out on Lucy’s First Strip Club Visit doesn’t seem all that bad.

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Nope, not an enigma. Just a girl who is tired of falling too hard and wasting time picking up the pieces. Someday I shall go into details of the past couple of weeks and events that occurred but right now, I lack the energy to give it the detail it deserves. In the meantime I will fill my diary full of other interesting tidbits to keep you on toes (least I hope so!)

January 14th, 2006 | 4:19 am
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