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Wednesday Dec 28, 2005

Being able to work from home to –

– avoid the North Shore Line trackwork?
– Not being stuck on a non-air conditioned Cityrail bus for 45 minutes?
– E-mail flirting with boys from work?
– Watching Napoleon Dynamite while e-mail flirting?
– Finally figuring out how to work my reverse cycle air conditioning at home on a 35 degree day?


don’t cha?

Thursday Dec 15, 2005

I’m trying to break up with a friend and I have no idea how to.

We’ve been friends for a few years, I actually took over her position at work and we graduated from work friends to friend friends.

She travelled for a year and we stayed in regular contact for a year.

A whole year.

My relationships don’t even last that long.

But then the cracks started, she was rude to my friends and sister at a bbq I had for no reason and offered no explanation or apology. Being rude included hitting on my sister’s boyfriend and snarky comments all evening.

She’s bouncy.

Let’s clarify that one shall we, she’s exuberant, she’s bubbly, she’s perky. She’s really fucking annoying.

She uses lol in messages, she uses smiley faces all the fucking time.

And the death blow?

She states, unashamadly and without any trace of sarcasm, that she absolutely loved, I repeat LOVED (lol 🙂 :)) The Pussycat Doll’s “Don’t Cha”

It was then that I stopped, looked at her and thought “I have no idea who you are, or hell, why we’re even friends.”

Now she’s been travelling again, we haven’t been in contact much so I’m assuming that it’s been a mutual decision to end the friendship. But she messaged me yesterday saying we should “totally catch up lol :)”

Do I ignore it? Do I do the mortifying “let’s not be friends” talk? Do I let it peter out?

I’ve never had to do this before. My closest friends I have now S (10 years) M (15 years and B (20 years) I’ve had forever.


well done

Sunday Dec 11, 2005

I’m watching news coverage of what happened at Cronulla today.

I don’t often feel ashamed to be an Australian.

Today I am.

Watching images of hundreds if not thousands of Australian people, men, women, teenager’s, girls and even children screaming “No more lebs!” sickens me.

I know there’s been tension building up for a long time.

But this?

Mob violence?

Racist chants?

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert as to what caused this, I know there’s been tension between local “Aussies” and visiting men of “Middle Eastern” appearance which culminated in a couple of young surf life savers being attacked last week.

Of course to young beer-ed up men vigilante mob violence is the answer.

What it does is show the rest of Australia and the world that we are intolerant, racist, violent and thuggish.

If that was the aim?

Well fucking done, goal achieved.


Tuesday Dec 6, 2005

These are the type of people in IT.

A guy who used to work at TheCompany bumped into S. tonight while out for drinks.

This is the guy we’ve nicknamed LegHumper due to his propensity for dancing far far too close to your upper thighs. She’s met him only a couple of times when she’s met up with the work kids and I out and about.

He was at the same bar as S. and came up to her, and said,

“I remember your face, because I’ve used it many times for sexual release.”

Word. For. Word.

Fy – Do not date men in IT.

the tradition

Sunday Dec 4, 2005

My friends and I have started a new tradition.

Each Sunday we go for drinks in Newtown.

It’s not much of a tradition. Moreso an alcohol soaked catch up.

That’s what we did this afternoon/evening.

There were confessions –

“I voted Liberal once.”

Fuck off (they work for the opposition)

“I met my ex-boyfriend through his blog.”

Fuck off!……What’s a blog?

“I’m sleeping with my married work colleage”

No. Way.

“Does this capelet work?”

Totally. What’s a capelet?

“The VanNguyen execution makes me cry.”

Thank god we don’t do it in this country.

I’ve discovered mojito’s, and I want to marry them.

Life is good. Work is busy, my mother is flying in from cross country tomorrow morning, the booty call is on his way over, I got to claim 11 hours of double time yesterday and it’s summer in Sydney and it’s gorgeous.

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