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Friday Nov 18, 2005


Downloading Jeff Buckley’s Grace was certainly not the great idea that I thought it was.

Two songs in, Lover, You Should’ve Come Over and Hallelujah and I am a sobobby mess.

Today was a good day.

Due to our IT staff awards, drinks and the World Cup qualifier soccer afterwards it was a very quiet and fragile IT department this morning. At one point someone’s mobile phone started ringing and a very loud polyphonic rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” was blasted across the office. Which was greeted by a very pained chorus of “Dude, answer the fucking phone.” “Christ, turn it down man”, and “Jesus, my head.”

I had to make a trip to McDonalds in the morning to do a breakfast grease run. Then it was Oporto’s for lunch. And then a chocolate run in the afternoon, not to mention the countless coffee runs.

And I wasn’t evil and did not raise my voice deliberately or suggest disgusting hangover cures’ or offer them more Tequila. Instead I bought the hungover boys coffee, patted their heads and told them to go home if they were particularly green.

Sometimes I do not know where the niceness comes from.

the yin and the yang

Thursday Nov 10, 2005

A friend of mine told me that I remind him of Christina Yang from Gray’s Anatomy.

Obviously not looks wise, mainly due to my non-asianess.

But in manner.

Now if this was a one off it’d be cool. But I also got the, “you remind me of Kat from “Ten Things I Hate About You”

But you know the worst things?

I love the fuck out of these characters.





Stubborn and pig-headed?




Highly Strung?



Checkity check.

Yet awesome and cool and horrendously funny.

I think that was my roundabout way of saying……….I have no idea, I’m tired.

Oh yeah that’s it.

If I love Yang and Yang is cool, so therefore that means that’s a good thing.



Saturday Nov 5, 2005

My love life is a train wreck.

It’s official that I fall for the wrong type of men.

But I can’t blame them, I figure if you’re constantly choosing the wrong type of person that makes it your problem not theirs.

I am exhausted from last night.

Having someone question you when they ask if you’re in love with them and you say yes is a surefire way to make me cry and get me angry. To have someone still ask jokingly every few minutes if you’re really in love with them as a hurtful ego trip is infuriating and heartbreaking. To then brag about the model they made out with earlier that night will make me get out of bed and ask you to leave.

Everyone has their Dean.

The Dean being that one girl/boy who for whatever reasons gets under your skin way more than they should, who your interactions with them are only dysfunctional and draining, yet you just can’t just shake them.

N. is my Dean.

I’m just not sure I can keep doing this, nor do I want to. I blame the great sex.Yet it hasn’t ended yet and I hate that I handle my finances, managing entire systems at work yet I can’t say no to N.

I know it’ll happen soon but I’d like it sooner rather than later thank you very much.

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