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the nice ending

Monday Jul 25, 2005

To make it to 24 years of age and never hear a sincere “I like you so much it scares me” or an “I just love hanging out with you” from a boy you like or even simply being told “I missed you every damned day” is an awfully sad thing if you think about it too much.

To actually hear these sentiments and more from the boy who you most want to hear it from is the most loveliest thing in the world.

On Saturday night I heard from Boy No.2 while I was out at a party with friends.

I’d had a couple of messages from him during the week. Just nice gentle messages saying hi.

And then he called.

And said the above nice things and that I was the coolest girl he knew (and?) and he liked me so much it scared him (hence the shitty behaviour a few posts ago) and that he just wanted to be with me.

So he came over and I opened my front door and he picked me up and kissed and it was *coughsentimentalbullshit* muchos cool.

I got to wake up next to him and I’m no longer single.

It’s nice.

Although not as nice as being told that “you’re so great in bed you’ve ruined me for any other girl”.



Saturday Jul 16, 2005

pastels and the north shore

Wednesday Jul 13, 2005

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I’m inside my office at work. Not for long though, I’m cooking dinner tonight for friends and I get to go recipe shopping which always pleases me.

I may have gotten quite inebriated last night. It was also the first night I’ve been out drinking since they’ve implemented the non-smoking in clubs and pubs. Personally for a mild inconvenience to smokers (oh no you mean I have to go outside to smoke! Even though I have to do it literally everywhere else I go! How dare they!) it means that the pubs are far more pleasant for everyone and the poor non-smokers don’t have to passively smoke all night long. So yeah, good times.

Monday morning I get to go to work at a different office with different people and completely different dynamics. But it’s the site that I started with so I know the kids, but still there is far far too much responsibility now for me at work.

I’m in charge (actually in charge, not just me announcing I’m the manager for the hell of it) of 8 different PABX’ and over 3000 users. If something goes wrong with them I’m the first port of blame.
I’m project managing multi-million dollar IT projects.

I’m not good with responsibility or accountability, I’ve attempted to dodge it but for some reason people higher up think I’m more than capable.

I just find it strange that I’ve been appointed now to manage all of these sites and look after the requirements of thousands of staff, yet I wore my underwear inside out for all of yesterday.

Not very comforting for the company I suppose.

Is it bad that I’ve now bought the same cardigan in 3 different colours?

Because damn, who knew pale yellow would be my colour?

Oh fuck I just looked at the cardigan and realised pale yellow is also known as pastel yellow.

That’s great I talk about my job all the time, I have no life, I’m working on the north shore and I’m wearing pastels.

If this continues can someone take me out to a paddock somewhere and shoot me?

Thanks man.


Friday Jul 8, 2005

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