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Monday Jun 27, 2005

The boy thing has been ranted over, cried over and drunk over. And hopefully that’s all the emotional energy I’m going to expend on him.


Conversations with friends –

Me – “So what type of bike does he ride?”

Friends – “Ummm, a yellow one?”


Me – “Can you believe they actually voted Geneva out of Big Brother? I mean Jesus, first John Howard’s voted in…again and now this. It’s a bloody travesty.”

Sister – ” Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was watching the news where people had lost their homes and their lives.”

Me – “You called me almost crying the other day because they’d discontinued your favourite nail polish, don’t try and get sanctimonious with me you vapid whore.”

Sister – “Touche.”


ummm yeah

Tuesday Jun 21, 2005

Turns out he didn’t mean it when he said he’d missed me and still liked me and took it back………again.

Good times.

bad romantic comedies

Saturday Jun 18, 2005

So the Boy No. 2 is back. He’s been travelling around Europe for the last few months. He was an ex and we tried being friends and friends with benefits. We stopped talking because I wanted more than friendship and he couldn’t give that to me. It was amicable and mature and a good break-up.

Since he’s been back I’ve heard from him a few times, usually when he’s been out and has accidentally dialled my number. In the 6 months we were together he never once mis-dialled me but hey, we won’t let that get in the way of a good story.

Then last night I get a message and he tells me that he missed me while he was travelling and he still liked me.

I asked him what he wanted and he didn’t know. So we’re catching up today.

I was surprised he missed me and told him so, he wasn’t the best boyfriend but he’s a good guy. He tells me he’s “changed” and is in a much better frame of mind. (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that line from every single bad romantic comedy) And the worst thing is I missed him too.

I don’t know what the hell’s going to happen but I do know we tried the friends thing and that didn’t work. I’ve finally realised that being friends after breaking up isn’t always the best idea and I don’t think I’m capable of just being friends, nor do I want to.

So wish me luck on Lucy’s Boy Saga No. 357.

Update to come.

zen like

Friday Jun 10, 2005

Apparently my father’s discovered technology.

In the last 2 months he’s bought a mobile phone and a computer. This from a man who didn’t own a tv until my sister and I were well into our double figures (age wise anyway) and would have gone without a telephone if we hadn’t whined and tantrum-ed to change his mind.

And he loves a bit of technology and he especially loves the tech talk and jargon that goes with it.

He’ll call me only to announce that he is the proud owner of a colour scanner and then hang up. Or “Did you know that LAN stands for Local Area Network?”

Bless him.

I got asked last night how the no-boy, and therefore no-sex, phase was going. And surprisingly I’m doing well.

(One of the exes has re-appeared on the scene, but in a, “sorry I didn’t mean to call your phone, and I’m kinda drunk so I’ll send you a few text messages and then leave it with a wistful ending, even though I’m the one who broke up with you because I didn’t like you as much as you did me”)


Anyway its all kinda Zen at the moment, what’s the point of fussing and complaining when there’s nothing I can do, or more correctly should be doing.

But damn, sometimes I just want to throw a tantrum. Because not getting laid is no fun. It’s even less fun when it’s self imposed.

After all I’m not a bloody saint.

feeling good

Wednesday Jun 1, 2005

I hate that this blog has become a boy ranting zone. That it bothers me that I feel the space left behind with the boy free zone I’ve put in place. I hate that I heard from an ex and it cheered me up. I hate that not having the boys around affects me this way. I thought I was much more independent than this.

I love though that I’ve been made project manager of an IT upgrade. Project managment was always something I wanted to get into, and now me, freshly turned 24, get’s it. I love that work now pays for my mobile and internet connection and pc at home. I love that they pay me to be on call, giving me an extra 30% of my salary each month. That they essentially pay for my social tools plus give me extra money to buy shoes.

Loving my job at the moment.

I love the fact that I’ll be able to update my other site soon, which due to it affecting my work pc with a virus, has been blocked from my work pc but not my home/work pc.

Off now to meet a friend for coffee. But all up? Feeling good.

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