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Tuesday May 3, 2005

I’ve had a proper job for the last 12 months. Prior to that I was a receptionist and an admin assistant. I don’t count those as proper jobs. So I’m now in IT.

Being a nerd and then working out that not only can you work in a completely geeky field, but that you’re not bad at the work is heaven. Working with other nerd’s is also very cool. But the ultimate is the programming software I use which has been named after a Star Wars character.

The ultimate in geekdom.

There is Guns ‘n Roses playing on pc’s, there is Superfly, PVP Online sent around the office, robot dances, reciting of movie lines, there are Dilbert cartoons on cubicles (I know that’s not exclusively an IT thing, work with me here) and there are many passionate/irritating/heated conversations about systems/programs/patches/upgrades/superior products etc etc, that usually end up at “fucking loser, no one uses that shit?”

Sometimes it’s the place that fashion forgot, but I work with a younger team and I fit in wearing a suit or casual. Plus with 2 of the 3 people in the IT Comms department being girls there is a sense of pride of being able to kick arse as girls and surprise senior managers, who think we’re PA’s and ask us for coffee (bless), and then are suitably embarassed when they find out what we do.

But the JEDI?

That makes me happy.

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